Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Power of the Pause

Although slightly interrupted by some work, most of us are in the midst of the holiday lull. Except for those places where unplanned emergencies (my other job) or organizational anxiety (my wife's work) require extra effort, a good portion of the nation slows down during these two weeks at the end of the year.
And it's amazing what happens. Life really does seem better for most. Most families really do enjoy being together. People do the things- work, rest, play, service, celebration- that they would do if they could do whatever they wanted. People reconnect- again, mostly in good ways- and renew.
We can live in Kairos- right time- until we feel the returning pressure next week of Chronos- measured time.
I'm deciding not to overachieve next year. No radical plans  goals or programs. Just living, loving and discipling- to enjoy each day as if it were the only one. I want to be the child of God, husband, father, friend and pastor that I would if I had all the time in the world. That won't prevent there from being Chronos pressure- but it might make all year feel more like Christmas- and isn't that our goal, anyway? Take time to be who God calls you to be- instead of pushing for more quicker faster. Enjoy the power of the pause!

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