Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Benzing on Speaking

From David J Benzing - powerful words: For those of us in front of mics, crowds, our kids or just our spouse:
"Dear Speaker:
"Your ego has become a wall between yourself and me. You're not really concerned about me, are you? You're mostly concerned about whether or not this speech is really working … about whether or not you're doing a good job. You're really afraid that I will not applaud, aren't you? You're afraid that I won't laugh at your jokes or cry over your emotional anecdotes. You are so caught up in the issue of how I am going to receive your speech, you haven't thought much about me at all. I might have loved you, but you are so caught up in self-love that mine is really unnecessary.
"If I don't give you my attention it's because I feel so unnecessary here. When I see you at the microphone, I see Narcissus at his mirror … Is your tie straight? Is your hair straight? Is your deportment impeccable? Is your phraseology perfect? You seem in control of everything but your audience. You see everything so well [except] us. This blindness to us, I'm afraid, has made us deaf to you.
"We must go now. Sorry. Call us sometime later. We'll come back to you … when you're real enough to see us … after your dreams have been shattered … after your heart has been broken … after your arrogance has reckoned with despair. Then there will be room for all of us in your world. Then you won't care if we applaud your brilliance. You'll be one of us. Then you will tear down the ego wall and use those very stones to build a bridge of warm relationship. We'll meet you on that bridge. We'll hear you then. All speakers are joyously understood when they reach with understanding."
—Your Audience

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011 - January 3 2012 Tweets

Pastor Joe Bell @Joe2355 Gastonia, NC Having a BLAST Loving God and Others and Making Disciples www.JoeBell.org

RT @Loren Hawkins Everyone thinks every girl's dream is to find the perfect guy-every girl's dream is eat what she wants without getting fat
@RachelHeldEvans on @PastorMark's book: Being a pastor doesn't make you a marriage counselor/Relating to Christ improves other relationships 3 hours ago 
@RachelHeldEvans on @PastorMark's book: Being a pastor does not mean one is an expert on sex, money, relationships or marriage. 3 hours ago 
Don't use technology to broadcast unilateral decisions. Do use technology to tap into the wisdom of crowds. bit.ly/AyeJPq 7 hours ago 
Top 40 business books to read in 2012 + a chance to win them for free! appsumo.com/~5Og1 via @appsumo 7 hours ago 
RT @Stevenfurtick It’s refreshing to talk with one who wanted to be someone else, but left that behind to become the best herself ever seen 7 hours ago 
"@CaseyGraham: Can't wait till next week at this time! #bcschampionshipgame" / Roll Tide! 20 hours ago 
Barrett Jones on BCS-"This game is for more than revenge, it's about restoring order." To understand why, read this: bit.ly/AlOrder 2 Jan 
RT @DaveRamsey: I hate change. But I love that it brings growth. If it isnt growing it is dying. So bring on the changes!!!! 2 Jan 
RT @Leadershipfreak@LeadToday: In all of history merely thinking about doing something has never gotten it done. Do it today! 2 Jan 
RT @JohnCMaxwell: Your past is important but it is not nearly as important to your present as the way you see your future. -Tony Campolo 2 Jan 
RT @OsChambers Have you asked God what God is going to do? God does not tell you; He reveals to you Who He is. Know God- then live in that 2 Jan 
Don't start anything later- the time to change, grow & influence- to lead others to follow Jesus- is NOW! 2 Jan 
“9 Ways to Create a Winning Organizational Culture"...derwinlgray.com/2012/01/9-ways… 2 Jan 
Take the His Radio 7-7-1 Challenge- Listen for 1 week & it will change your life! Join me! ow.ly/1CQmfw 98.3 Gastonia,NC 2 Jan 
RT @pwilson: Over the bleached bones & jumbled residues of numerous civilizations are written the words,‘too late.’-MLKbit.ly/PWUrgent 2 Jan 
I'm currently reading day 1 of The Bible in a Year. To join in and read along go to: bible.us/r/2Y.1.5t 2 Jan 
Rt @MichaelWSmith bit.ly/tMcnfT Mother Teresa “People are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgive them anyway... 2 Jan 
Rt @OsChambers Phil.1:20-Shut out every other thing & keep this one thing-My Utmost for His Highest-be absolutely & entirely for God alone. 1 Jan 
Auburn Tigers -demolish Virginia Cavaliers 43-24- ESPNes.pn/scj6rK War Eagle! Go SEC! 1 Jan 
@DavidBusic Love & prayers to you- and keep an eye on Paul DeAngulo for us- he's our adopt-a-kid (ask him!) 1 Jan 
I pray God's best for you in 2012: to seriously bother whatever you haven't given to God's control; & to Matthew 6:33 bless everything else! 31 Dec 
RT @RickWarren: The ONLY way to grow leaders is let them lead! TRUST your next gen! ALL our services this wkend are led by our… 31 Dec 
Catalyst #3 Blog Post of 2011| 7 Random Pieces of Advice for the Younger Leader bit.ly/vuJ4Op /Check it out if you would lead others! 31 Dec 
The route to genuine & enduring satisfaction-generosity-giving our most valuable resources-time, talents, treasure & touch-Cathy & Blanchard 31 Dec 
RT @oschambers: Join the "I have plans for you" Fb page&receive updates that God has a purpose&plan for your life on.fb.me/Jer2911 31 Dec 
Rt @RickWarren @edgarvann “Never do anything permanently stupid because you’re temporarily upset.”/ Wow- VITAL words! 31 Dec 
RT @MichaelHyatt Goal-Setting: The 90-Day Challengebit.ly/Hyatt90 Spend 3 months seeing if goal-setting can transform your life! 30 Dec 
RT @nazcompassion: Learn about the church’s work through Nazarene Compassionate Ministries by going to ncm.org 30 Dec 
Rt @DaveRamsey Goals convert vision into energy.When you write your goals down,you immediately start feeling the earth move under … 30 Dec 
RT @CaseyGraham: “@IzzyGould: Barrett Jones says he will return to Alabama for 2012 season.” // Can you say 3 titles in 4 years?!!! 30 Dec 
Rt @CFALeadercast 3 Disciplines To Expand Influence- Selective listening; Active Reflection; Cultivating Care-Jason Young 30 Dec 
RT @CaseyGraham: Want to get out of debt?...save money?...give more? bit.ly/GRGoals 30 Dec 
RT @CaseyGraham: “@craigmattox: Is it to early to ask@CaseyGraham for his BCS Championship prediction?” AL 23-LSU 10/Right! Close for :20! 30 Dec 
RT @DamarisBruce If you have to justify something you're doing, you probably shouldn't be doing it. / Truth! 30 Dec 
bit.ly/cleanr Best cleaning product? an old one- baking soda & vinegar(with an orange peel chaser!) Tried it? Reply with experiences! 30 Dec 
RT @OsChambers People can't depend natural love, patience or purity. But as we surrender,God gives us the virtues of Jesus. /(Mt.6:33!) 30 Dec 
RT @compassion: Many Christians struggle in 4 key areas: commitment, repentance, activity & spiritual community-Barnacintl.us/lt 29 Dec 
Barrett Jones- "This game is for more than revenge, it's about restoring order." To understand why, read this: bit.ly/AlOrder 29 Dec 
Rt @LenSweet By 28, Mozart's hands were deformed from practicing, performing, & writing to compose. How dedicated will you be in 2012? 29 Dec 
RT @churchplanters: Get your team off to the right track in 2012 - get inspired at #velocity12 - bit.ly/r5ee3E/ Join me in Atlanta! 29 Dec 
RT @CaseyGraham: To run an organization that employees people without proper cash reserves is foolish./CG,What does that make most churches? 29 Dec 
RT @AndyStanley: RT @perrynoble: Covering laziness in prayer is not a spiritual discipline!/ Get off my toes! Pray for initiative this year! 29 Dec 
bit.ly/cleanr Best cleaning product? an old one- baking soda & vinegar(with an orange peel chaser!) Tried it? Reply with experiences! 29 Dec 
RT @lensweet: Maybe priests at Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity have something.Replace guns with brooms & fight over who gets to clean… 29 Dec 
RT @Leadershipfreak@LeadToday: "The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are." - C. S. Lewis” 29 Dec 
Rt @Stan Parker "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." Mohandas Gandhi 29 Dec 
The @ZAGGdaily iPad-a-day Giveaway is back! Each day is a new chance to win an iPad 2 - zagg.to/Cn5tEK 29 Dec 
RT @MichaelHyatt book list for my 2012 Mentoring Group. You can find it here bit.ly/Hyattbk / Love Michael Hyatt- check these out! 29 Dec 
My other great resource's book list- from DaveRamsey.combit.ly/RamseyBk - check them out! 29 Dec 
I'm getting a personalized report of my email usage from 2011, you should too! yearinreview.toutapp.com. 29 Dec 
Rt @MichaelHyatt Understand this question:“Are you for me, against me, or for yourself?” For your leaders & followers-what's the answer? 28 Dec 
RT @TonyMorganLive Church in decline: No clear mission/vision;no defined path to grow disciples;complex structure;inward focus;weak leaders 28 Dec 
All Music is God's Music- or not? Secular Music in Sacred Settingsbit.ly/rHirwW 28 Dec 
Trying this again- EVERYONE: What is your all-time favorite devotional book? Why? 28 Dec 
Student privacy at risk from feds—Emmett McGroarty & Jane Robbins - NYPOST.com nyp.st/v9pQ2S 28 Dec 
DerwinLGray Derwin L. Gray  Lord, please grant me the mercy to help others soar to new heights in 2012. 28 Dec 
Retweeted by  RT @mattadair: LSU's Will Blackwell to Erin Andrews on Alabama "We didn't really feel like they necessarily earned their spot in the game." 28 Dec 
32 of the Best Ways to Get Organized When You Have ADHDbit.ly/ufxesY/ This is good for people without ADD, too! 28 Dec 
RT@TonyMorganLive Stuck churches Don't empower/equip;unclear vision/mission;blame others;worship past;focus=activity vs.goals;i… 28 Dec 
RT @CSLewisDaily: To be low means to be raised: all good masters are servants: God washes the feet of men. #CSLewis 28 Dec 
RT @NazPublishing: In regeneration we are not merely declared righteous-we're made righteous. -Rob L. Staples 27 Dec 
I'm watching The Middle (32 others checked-in) bit.ly/tHtVW0@GetGlue @TheMiddle_ABC 27 Dec 
I unlocked the Yeah! First Check-in! sticker on @GetGlue!bit.ly/rLvW9A 27 Dec 
Love it! Redemption, commitment, adult (but not R-rated) humor!bit.ly/rUegZT @GetGlue @LastManABC 27 Dec 
RT @EntreLeadership:This is a great week to lay out your goals for 2012 in writing, specific, time sensitive, measurable, personal to you.12/27
Being Christian is a death sentence - Washington Times:wtim.es/rKwCxW/ While we still have a say, Christians must speak up!27 Dec 
7 Questions to Identify Who Should be on the Leadership TeamTonyMorganLive.com tonymorganlive.com/2011/10/24/who… 27 Dec 
RT @churchplanters: The clock on $79 #Velocity12 tix is clicking away ... snag 1 before 12/30! bit.ly/r5ee3E/ Join me there- Joe! 27 Dec 
Rt @CaseyGraham bit.ly/rrcQlc Visualize your faith, marriage, family. friendships, health, finances & church 1/1/2013- Then live it! 27 Dec 
RT @oschambers:Our battles are first won or lost in the secret places of our will in God’s presence/The only choice is to follow(MT6:33)12/27
 RT @DerwinLGray: Leadership is embodying what you want others to become. - http://ow.ly/8b7vG 27 Dec
RT @ Stan Parker: "A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have."- T. Jefferson 12/27
RT @JeffGoins Influence begins & ends with relationship. Why we miss: Pride, Laziness, Fear. To build relationships: Serve, Hustle & Risk
RT PerryNoble Ideas for Church Planters:
    13-You'll change your mind-innovative will become traditional. Don't allow pride make people talk about what God used to do!!
    12-You'll be tempted to copy success.BUT God called you & can trust you with what He's given you
    9- You are going to have to choose whether to please insiders or reach outsiders-you cannot do both.
    -You are going to have to be WAY more passionate about what you are for rather than what you are against!
    -If it is God's will then it is God's bill!What the King wants the King pays for!
    6-There will be financial pressure with God's vision."Is THIS what God wants" not "Can we afford it?"
    4 & 5-Some "great friends" & "always with you" will leave. Some you don't know now will be friends & partners
    2&3-You'll have doubters-those used to "pave the parking lot" not "reach the world" faith-especially you!
    1-You have to pray & take huge steps of faith to see dreams God placed in you become reality.
RT @CatalystLeader To Grow as a Leader:Read-leaders are readers.Serve-help where needed.Watch & learn from others.P… 26 Dec
RT @craiggroeschel You have everything you need to do what God wants you to do right now.When you don't, God's trying to tell you something 25 Dec 
RT @PerryNoble Church Planters 2-Sharing your vision brings doubt-especially churches used to "parking lot paving" not "world reaching"faith 25 Dec 
Rt @Michael Barefield "The only blind person at Christmastime is he who has not Christmas in his heart"-Helen Keller 25 Dec
God's love for us in Christ is a gift we cannot & will never be able to repay it. But doesn't the incarnation make you want to try forever?