Friday, December 16, 2022

 Finding your Voice

The Christmas story starts off with John, "A voice crying in the wilderness." A couple is blessed with a child in their old age, but the husband, a priest, loses his voice during the pregnancy. An emperor is used by God when he tells everyone in his empire to go home and be counted. A young girl and carpenter accept the proclamation of an angel to be the Messiah's earthly parents. Then a choir of angels and a caravan of magi herald the arrival of the new King, who would never serve as King in that life. 

Each of us has to find our voice in the Christmas story. Some of us, like me, will be preachers, pastors, and teachers, working in our field to tell the story, or the part of it that we teach to children, teens, and adults.  A young friend I know has found one of her joys in serving others in physical ways. My friend Beth just graduated this week with her CNA, giving care to those who need help. And some of the best voices are those stilled so that they can listen to others tell their story. In doing so, their voice becomes valuable in sharing God's love. 

So please, whether you sing like an angel, preach like Billy Graham, wash feet like Jesus or listen with love, find your voice, your way to share the Joy and life the Baby brings. 

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