Friday, March 4, 2022

Early Morning Thanksgiving

 It was almost a quarter century ago. I had a baby boy who would wake up about this time. He and I would go into the other room, letting Mom sleep. He would have an early morning bottle, and I would sit and hold him, check email, and give thanks. I spent a lot of other days with him in his life, but those early mornings were special.
Stephen is grown and married to a marvelous lady. They love other people and their kids in Franklin, Tennessee. Later in life he had a sister, who he has helped to love and grow. I am blessed to spend these mornings with her, seeing her grow into a wonderful Godly young lady who makes the world a much better place. I am amazed that the Lord has given us two such wonderful young people, As Sarah said the other day, we have a blessed life.
On occasions I still wake up about this time and give thanks. There are lots of things going on in our church, the families in it, the ministries I am a part of, our community, nation and world. They demand attention, concern and seem at times to be clouds and storms in our lives.
Sometimes we see what to do, and other times we aren't sure what steps to take. As I look at these people, places and times, I know where to go. The Lord calls me to relationship, communion, life together with the Almighty. From that, God leads. There are things I can't change, things I can pray about, and things God allows me to work on. Most of all, I can pray and allow God to change me, to work with the Lord in these situations.
Lord, thank you for early mornings, children and adults who grow in you, and the blessings and challenges we have. Help me to work with you, and let you work in me, to be the person who can love those you place in my life and be part of your transformation of lives and this world.

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