Saturday, December 29, 2012

War & Football- Instruction for Life

I grew up with three men in my family who had fought honorably in war (my father & brothers-in-law), and in a state where football had become somewhat of a reaction to losing a war 80 years before and resulting poverty, social upheaval and a bad national reputation (Alabama- Roll Tide!). So I learned was that life has analogies- and sports or war teach about life.
Lessons from that: Love your team, hate the enemy (not really in sport- some get that wrong). We prepare harder and do our best and we don't have to worry about others. You don't choose who or where you play or fight, you just strap it on and go do it. Life is a team game- the guy next to you depends on you and you on him. Don't let your team down. Fighting with honor isn't easy, but living without it is worse. I am here because of the sacrifice of others for us- I must make sacrifices for those after me. Fighting with honor is hard, and may kill you- but living without honor is worse.
Love God and your team, and be willing to die for both at any time- then you will learn what life really is.

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