Thursday, November 15, 2012

Are you ready for Christmas?


I am asked that at least every other day this month. This morning, while Jaysha cleaned my teeth, I found my answer.

Yes, I am ready for Christmas. No, I haven’t done all my shopping. No, I won’t be out looking for gifts at the last minute. Yes, I will have a Merry Christmas!
Can you say that? I think there are four parts to being ready for Christmas:
1. Say yes to Jesus- without the Savior, there is no Christmas. And let’s face it, you’ve been doing great running your life, right?
2. Say no to Madison Avenue. You DO NOT need to buy things people don’t need to say you gave them a gift.
3. Say Yes to relationships. Your family wants you, not stuff, unless you’ve totally corrupted them. And you can fix that still! You do not need to spend money on your children for them to know love. You do not need to send or give things to avoid guilt or make up for a lack of relationship- just fix the relationship! Why don’t you give time this year- time, activities, doing things for people. Stuff is SO OVERRATED!
4. Say yes to celebration and thanksgiving (there’s a reason it comes before the party season!). See or hear the Messiah. Go to a Christmas play. Sing Carols at a nursing home. Call your family. Celebrate the life given by Christ, not the sack of presents falsely promised by the world!
4a. Why don’t you take part of what you’re not spending on stupid gifts and give food, shelter, clothing or water to the needy? See me for details- you could change the world while letting God cure you of materialism!
Are you ready for Christmas?

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