Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Christian Music Radio

I am one of those “grew up in the church” kids (I could still win a game of hide and seek in the old Birmingham First Church!). So when I came to faith, it was a progression, fits and stops, growth and loss. I went to the altar at least 200 times before age 20!
But we did have a Christian radio station. It had way too many bad preachers, and way too much southern gospel, but in drive time played Contemporary Christian Music. I learned about Amy Grant & company (MWS, KT, Pam Mark Hall (!), Rich Mullins, Gary Chapman) and others- Petra, Leslie (now Sam) Philips- and their music became the soundtrack of my life. Songs put scripture in my heart. DJs added thoughts about God to my outlook on the news. When God called me to be a pastor, I knew what I had to do. In every church I have served, I have found the local Christian music station and promoted, encouraged and even begged my people to be part of it. You are going to listen to something- why not listen to music that puts Christ, the Bible and faith into your heart? Praise God for Christian Radio!

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